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Rs. 1480 million worth inferior quality black oil imported!
–whose pocket is bulging with the commission? Why is the Govt. deaf and blind?
The Ceylon petroleum Corporation (CPC) has imported 20,000, metric tons of inferior quality black oil worth Rs. 1480 million, according to news reaching Lanka e news.

The CPC has imported grade 1500 black oil weighing 20,000 metric tons recently. The price of a barrel of this oil is US $ 72/- Every metric ton contains 9 barrels of oil. Accordingly, this imported quantity is made up of 180,000 barrels. The worth of this quantity is therefore US $ 12,960,000.00 The SL rupee equivalent of this is Rs. 1,481,440,000.00 ! It is four days since this black oil was unloaded.

This black oil is specially imported for the use in the Puttalam cement factory and private power plants.

The 20,000 metric tons oil is now stored in the Kolonnawa station .This oil which was transported to the private power stations by bowzers had been rejected on the ground that they are inferior in quality. Consequently, the CPC is in a quandary owing to its inability to supply them to the power stations of the customers.
It is the practice and duty of the CPC analysts to test the quality of every fuel and oil imported and ensured that they conform to the standard specifications. The oil is pumped out from the vessels only after the Report of the analysts gives the clearance. But, because of the undue pressures and compulsions by the present Chairman of the CPC, the retired Army officer, upon the analysts, the internal accounts division, legal division and human resource division, the staff of these divisions are unable to make their decisions with propriety and are facing numerous obstacles in the discharge of their duties duly.
Even 7 months ago, the CPC has imported inferior quality fuel oil.

The black oil imported this time is too thick in consistency, according to reports.
Because this inferior quality oil had been rejected by the private power plant owners, there is a risk that the supply of power in the country can break down in the next few days. There are 8 private power supply stations in operation at the moment.

When the disciplinary Committee had taken a decision to expel workers who were found guilty of bribery, corruption and frauds at its investigations, these workers, on the other hand had been given higher positions and reinstated. Instead of they being punished for their malpractices and frauds, they have been rewarded due to the intervention of the present Chairman. As a result of this, continued corruption and frauds is raging in the Corporation facilitated and encouraged by the Chairman, the Corporation workers point out.

An individual who was found guilty of 26 charges over fraudulent fuel deals by the disciplinary Committee and decided by the workers’ panel of judges that he shall not be allowed to continue in service has been reinstated by the present Chairman.

Meanwhile, when a disciplinary inquiry was in progress against a security division officer who had been charged on 12 counts, and when there was an investigating division and a Manager, the present Chairman appointed a special disciplinary unit and entrusted this culprit to that Committee.

Another individual who is to be meted out punishment by the disciplinary Committee following a foreign exchange fraud committed by him has been given appointment as an operations Manager by the same Chairman.
source: lankaenews.com
Posted on 05 Jul 2010 by administrator
Govt. by trying to display pseudo patriotism is playing to the gallery –Gen. Fonseka
Fonseka speaks about his new party
DNA Leader and Colombo District M P Gen. Sarath Fonseka said ,the Secretary General of the UN is working according to the agreement entered into with the SL President. While displaying pseudo patriotism and deceiving the people ,the Govt. is going begging round the world and kowtowing to the foreign countries.

Gen. Fonseka who is to register a new party in the Democratic party name, speaking on the current political scene to Lanka e news stated as mentioned above.

He also gave the following answers to the questions posed to him by Lanka e news :
Q : What was the primary reason which prompted you to commence a new political party in the Democratic party name?
A : What we have established is a political alliance. In it are JVP, Nava Sihala urumaya, Lanka Tamil Congress and other parties . But that cannot function as a political party. It is difficult to enroll new members , appoint Organizers and engage in other political activities via the Alliance. It is only we who did not have a political party. Therefore anyone can join our Democratic party. In any case , our party or the alliance will not break up.

Q : Is it because you cannot fall in line with the policies of the most powerful JVP , a constituent party in your alliance that this new party was formed?
A : Of course JVP is a powerful party , but we are not JVP members. We did not have a party . That is why we formed this party . The alliance between the JVP and us will continue as in the past.

Q : What is the solution your party offering to solve the most crucial and vexatious ethnic issue in this country ?
A : We must find an answer to this issue on a national level .The Govt. and the opposition together should under the constitution act in a way that will dispel the fears and doubts among the people by fortifying and protecting their Democratic rights and the human rights. A solution shall be sought by discussion with the majority community taking a reasonable stand when addressing the political issues of the minorities. If the country is to progress as a united SL , peaceful and harmonious discussions are paramount.

Q : The SL Govt. and many political parties are opposing the appointment of the three member panel by the Secretary General of the UN to investigate and advise the UN Secretary General on the human rights violations allegedly committed during the final phase of the war in the conflict between the LTTE and the SL Army . What is your perspective on this ?
A : Although the President is now trying to wash his hands off this , when the UN Gen . Secretary came to SL in 2009 May , the President and he entered into an agreement . This three member Committee has been appointed based on this . I do not know whether they have any secret to conceal in this regard. As a former Army Commander , I say there is nothing for us to hide. We won the war. Everything we did were done openly . We fought the war adhering to the international laws. We acted according to laws of the land , and did everything so that the human rights were not violated .Hence, we have nothing to suppress nor fear.

They are arriving on the basis of the agreement with the President. They are acting in conformity with international and local laws. We are a country recognized by the UN. Hence , assisting them is a duty of every citizen of this country. It is not something to become scared of or dodge or run and hide . Neither is it fair for the Govt. to sling mud at other political parties when looking for an escape route.

All what this Govt. is preoccupied with is trying to display pseudo patriotism to the people and playing to the gallery. While maintaining its ‘cardboard patriotism’ locally it is going begging from International Institutions around the world . It has only stopped just short of worshipping them when crawling before them and pleading to get the GSP +. Even to get the third tranche of the IMF loan , it stooped to the lowest and most disdainful level . Our view is that we should act harmoniously and cordially internationally.
source: lankaenews.com
Posted on 05 Jul 2010 by administrator

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